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YONI is a fem care brand. Who's tampons, pads and liners are made of of 100% organic cotton. 

New product alert: they now have a cup! 


Not to mention that YONI is the first sustainable and organic fem care brand that is available in conventional stores.


The first time I hold their products in my hands, my soul smiled as the name on the tampon package actually referred tot the body part that it was meant for.

For those of you who didn't know: 


YONI is founded out of the mission to give every women the opportunity to choose. 

Bigger brands don't even mention what they put in their products and so women unknowingly might experience the side effects of their menstrual products. 

What makes this brand special

Well to start off with:it is the first 100% organic brand that is being sold in conventional stores. Meaning that women don't have to put in extra effort to get their 'special' fem care products. 

  • Besides that they also offer education 

  • They break taboo's on a daily 

    • In their podcast: ' The pussycast '' ​

    • Mariah (co-founder) is co-author of the book: V: van vulva tot vagina

  • They provide all of us with high quality products. 

  • They offer everything you need: from tampons, to pads, to a cup (NEW) and pads for urine loss. 


"They share all things vulva.

For many, reproductive anatomy is quite the mystery. We want to lift the veil and have honest conversations about menstruation, vulvas and vaginas, as well as sexual and reproductive health. Removing the taboo is a step towards equality. "


And let me tell you; they keep their promise.

Besides all the information, knowledge and good vibes they spread on their own platforms; they took this part of their mission to the next level.


" Periods are a reality for half of the world's population. But somehow they still make for an uncomfortable chat. We want to start a proper conversation about menstruation so that women and people everywhere feel just fine when it comes to talking periods. "


Starting by their name and the description on their packaging all the way to the content they publish.

"They just say it as it is."


" We believe all women and people should know what their most intimate products are made from. That's why we list our ingredients on the pack. This sounds normal, but unfortunately it's not the standard. By leading the way at Yoni, we hope other companies will follow suit. "

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