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Meet Willemijn - Content Creator


 I grew up in a small village in The Netherlands and moved to Amsterdam 3 years ago. I have always been interested in things such as mental health, natural healing, spirituality and self development.


I have also always been critical about established systems in our world.


I became a vegetarian at age 10 after I saw a documentary about the bio-industry. 

At age 14 I had a blog with comments on our school system. A friend and I wrote about how important education is and how we learn little practical knowledge at school. Yes, we have a lot of homework and tests, but what do we learn that is really useful for our adult lives? Our take was that in school, everyone is treated and tested the same way however, we are all different! We all have our own strengths and qualities. The education system would benefit from this if they embraced it. We should learn about ourselves and what we are good at and how we communicate that to others. Our blog got such a great response that at age 15 I gave a TEDx-talk on this subject. 

Around the same time, I got diagnosed with Lyme's disease. I was sick at least one week a month, mostly two and every other day my energy level was very low. I didn’t have any close friends who would visit me so as you can imagine, I felt quite lonely. 

A few years ago I was lucky enough to be healed via a natural healer. I am grateful for all the lessons I learnt during that time.  I discovered that we are so much more than a body. Our mental and spiritual health is so important in the healing process. WE are the most critical part of healing ourselves.


To this day I am still learning. For a long time I thought I was alone in my search for a better world and self love.


Now I know that I’m not alone, we’re not alone. There are so many amazing people who are on their own journey. Each of them have their own path, their own way. I am convinced that sharing journeys, experiences, will help so many womxn on their paths. 

By being a part of Femina & Co I hope to contribute to your journey. To spread the light of self love, to inspire and connect.


fun facts:

  •  I once asked every teacher in my high school "WHY are we being taught this subject?"

  • I have to pet every dog I see – like EVERY.

  • I usually say what I think. This can lead to some awkward situations.

  • I’m very creative. Name any creative activity and I probably gave it a try or am still doing it!

  • I could not choose between a lot of creative professions, so I studied Creative Business, which combines them all - writing, photography, graphic design, video and audio. Still haven’t decided which one I like most ;) 

  • My sister is my favorite model for my photoshoots. She has been my guinea pig since I read Vogue. She was 6 and I was 9.

  • My hair was short for the biggest part of my life. When I was really young some people regarded me as a boy. 

  • You can scare me very easily. Whispering BOO can be enough (now please don’t try this). 

  • I recently quit school after making a vision board. I believe in the Law of Attraction and a vision board can help you visualize your goals. I quickly realised that school wasn’t what I wanted anymore and so impulsive as I might be I decided I would quit and start building my own company.  

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