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Tristan Fahey

Tristan Fahey is an entrepreneur in the Health & Beauty world, a marketing consultant, an author, a single mum, a lover of health, fitness & the outdoors, and a practicing Christian.

Tristan founded Rubifresh, a health and wellbeing skincare brand in 2012 and published her book 'Living well and ageing gracefully' in 2019. 

With a background in the science of food, nutrition and skincare, fitness leading and mentoring/coaching, Tristan brings her 30+years experience to the world of health, wellness and natural beauty.


At Rubifresh, Their vision is simple; to free you for a life of wellness, removing the distractions of poor skin & health, and allowing you to focus on the things that matter.

They do this through products for healthier skin, guts and sleep, plus events & retreats which help you incorporate better wellness into your everyday life, and ultimately to be happy in your own skin.

What makes her Book special

Did you know that we actually start to show signs of ageing from as early as our mid-twenties? We often ignore some of the basic (easy) habits that can help us live with energy, health and vitality, and live and look youthful right into our later years.


Tristan speaks and writes on topics such as real beauty, nutrition, skin health and exercise, and actively promotes toxin free living.

In this paperback book, Tristan unpacks the science behind various aspects of beauty, skincare products, health & ageing.



  • Bachelor applied science, food and nutrition

  • trained fitness leader

  • Corporate consultant

  • Coach and mentor



The concept of “beauty” as we know it, is a distraction from living a big life - a life with influence and impact.


  • Seeks to develop products and services that build health & radiance into your skin, energy & wellness into your body and strength & peace into your mind.

  • Uses fresh, natural ingredients in their 100% natural skincare range. 

  • Collaborate with naturopaths and other health care professionals.

Fun facts

Speaks and writes on topics such as real beauty, nutrition, skin health and exercise, and actively promotes toxin free living.

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