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Susanne Mitchell is an author, media professional and self-professed kitchen sink philosopher. She is interested in the human condition and seeking the truth, a pursuit that heavily influences her work.

In her book The Naked Truth About PERIMENOPAUSE - Secret Menses Business, Susanne reveals her eye-opening journey through a roller-coaster hormonal retreat and provides a thought-provoking investigation into the truth behind the transition to menopause.

Her next book, The Naked Truth About YOU, Unlock the Secret to a Kick Arse Life, will be released in late 2021. It’s a refreshing and compelling look at today’s hottest self-development topics that weaves a potent thread of philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience through an engaging narrative of true stories.


Susanne is an author and speaker on a mission to open hearts and minds. She is passionate about the human condition. Encouraging all (herself included) to expand our understanding of the world, pursue lives of purpose while contributing to society and reaching our highest potential. Her ultimate goal? To live a kick-arse-life.

What makes her special

As a storyteller and kitchen sink philosopher, Susanne communicates ideas and research, taking readers on her quest towards extended knowledge and improved self-understanding.

She guides us with an open mind and warm, natural humour, through a deep questioning of the choices we must all make in life to evolve our understanding of the world. It’s on ongoing journey of discovery.

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BA (Hons) Media, Film, Communication. University of Westminster.

BTEC Photography & Design. Plymouth College of the Arts.


Susanne investigates the truth behind the narrative that are put out to the world as ‘facts’, by asking difficult questions, challenging conventional thinking and striving to understand and communicate what’s really going on.

Fun facts

Using her own life experiences and living with the chronic disease of type 1 diabetes, Susanne is an ordinary, insulin pump-wearing woman on a quest to improve who we are and how we choose to live. This mother of two young adults currently resides in Sydney with her partner Nick, son Rowan, two Burmese cat-dogs and a rescue hound called Crumpet.

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The Naked Truth About PERIMENOPAUSE

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