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Nature-based Expressive Arts Therapist / Mentor / Creatrix

Steffi’s vision is a world where people are connected to their emotions and are fully present in their body and in the moment. This pursuit grew after being called out of the hustle and bustle of a successful but hectic, fast-paced corporate life. With the loss of that identity, she began her journey inward, reconnecting with her inner strength and guidance.

Through extensive inner work, she began to heal her disconnection with the natural world and explored finding comfort in the Unknown through presence, meditation, art, and embodiment.

She believes the key to freedom lies in finding inner balance (body/mind/soul) to restore the relationship to self, rippling out to others. A lifelong journey that starts with self.


Steffi is passionate about guiding and supporting women/change makers/social entrepreneurs to reconnect with their core self and values. By offering them tools to restore inner balance, she wishes to directly impact the change they bring to the world and humanity.

What makes her special

Through the simple act of slowing down, Steffi invites you to be more present, open your mind and heart, exploring your inner being with a sense of curiosity.



Steffi is trained in the following modalities:
Transpersonal Art Therapy
Experiential Astrology
Energy healing
Voice dialogue
Embodiment & 
Earth-based practices


Steffi offers women guidance and tools to navigate life, by coming back to their inner wisdom and strength. 

Through the use of Nature, Art and Embodiment, she guides women to open to nature’s mirror to explore the inner landscapes and realign their energy.

Fun facts

Steffi loves to explore and see the world with a sense of wonder, aspiring for a simpler,
slower way of life.

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