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Become a revolutionary professional 

In this era of information overload, 

we aim to change the way women have access to knowledge and advice. 

This is why in FEMINA LEARN, scientific knowledge is best backed up by real life experience. 

Do you want to share your professional knowledge to help women improve the health, wellbeing and quality of life of others? 

Or do you want to share a story about yourself? 

We are happy to offer you a platform to do so. ​


About your entry:

  • Choose a topic within your scope of practice. 

  • Make sure that the article is yours. 

  • Word count: between

    • 1000 and 4999 words for a 'short but informative' piece

    • 5000-10000 words for an article 

  • Add a +/-100 word description about your entry

About yourself: 

Decide if you want your readers to contact you for compliments, questions or support.  

Want to be known?

  • Decide what contact information you want to share (email, social media, website etc...)

  • Decide if you want others from our community to contact you for help or to book a consultation.

  • Add a profile photo.  

  • Add photos you want to appear in the article.

  • Share your post on your (social) platforms to grow and inspire the community around you.

  • Make sure you read our terms of agreement here

Want to be anonymous? 

  • Fill in 'anonymous' instead of your name on the application form if you want your name and information to stay private. 


Ready, set, go

Mail your name, profession, education and topic to to get in touch with our editors. 

Please read: 

Our mission is to give you a platform to spread your story and to inspire and support others in similar situations. 

We follow strict regulations when it comes to discrimination, self promotion (marketing for yourself or your business and other narrow-minded behavior that does not align with our mission. Articles containing such content will not be published. 


Is it possible to stay anonymous?


Just add in the description of your submission and we will make sure your privacy is guaranteed.

What will you add to my entry before publishing it?


You will be in full control of the outcome of your work. 

If you would like help with the layout or photos we are here to help. We will never do anything without your consent.  

Is it possible to stay in touch with the readers of my post?

Yes! Many people now want to help others. You will be able to share your contact information so that readers can get in touch with you.

I have posted my story somewhere else, can I still submit it? 

If there is no legal restriction to publishing your article a second time, feel free to submit your entry to our platform. 


I didn't tell anyone about this before, how do I handle this? 

For professional support you may reach out to one of our platform professionals. 

If you decide to share a story, you have the opportunity to join our Facebook group, where you will find lots of like-minded women who can support you. 


What is the word count? 

Your entry can be 1000 - 4999 words for a 'short but informative' piece or 5000-10000 words for an article.


How much time do I have to submit a story? 

Since the process of writing your story can be accompanied by many emotions, we want to make sure you get all the time you need. 

Therefore, there is no deadline to submitting your entry. 

We are ready when you are.


I am a professional who wants to share a personal story, can I share that here? 
Yes of course!

If you want to share a personal entry or a story about your experiences, you are more than welcome. 

If you are a professional and want to share your knowledge submit it here.



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