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Rebekah russell
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Rebekah Russell is a trauma sensitive naturopath and educator. Her practice is based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney.


Rebekah's practice promotes 'Holism' - the practice of looking at humans as an interconnected being (physical, emotional, spiritual) existing within a relationship to their environment. Naturopaths are generally passionate about the environment for the very reason we recognise the interdependence of all living things. Therefore, the health of the planet is essential to the health of the human population!

She believes life and consciousness is a gift and a responsibility. To have the ability to examine your life, to think critically and to actively seek that which is true, that which is helpful and that which is kind - is one of the greatest privileges and purposes of being human.


"To see the dignity and divine light  in every person imbues every potential interaction with wonder. After a long journey through the joys and sorrows of life, finding a similar minded " tribe"  in studying naturopathy and its related philosophies, becoming a mother of two extraordinary strong, intelligent, unique and beautiful daughters - I have come to embrace the trauma aware approach as a way of doing and being that makes the most sense to me. I have come to understand that suffering is universal but I also understand that showing kindness to one another , engaging in creativity and participating in community -can truly help us all to heal". 

What makes her special

 At age 15, Rebekah left for Holland as an exchange student for a year, learning the language and had an amazing opportunity to travel. she believes that travel and cultural exchange is one of the best educations in itself!

Always having had an interest in natural health, plant medicine, cultural wisdom, animal rights and the environment, Rebekah decided to study the profession of Naturopathy. After having a break from work whilst her girls were little, she began to feel that she needed to study again and ensure her knowledge of complementary therapies remained relevant. 



Bachelor degree in Health Science- majoring in complementary therapies. 

Rebekah has been studying ever since - specifically in the field of trauma and related fields of neuroscience, mental health and holistic healing 


Treating someone with natural therapies is a gentle process that requires collaboration. Rebekah provides education around health and seek to empower the individual to make informed choices.

"We all can heal in caring therapeutic relationships and with the kind support of community".

Fun facts

Rebekah likes dancing, singing and oversharing! She has just got her motorbike licence, want to hike the Camino and do roller derby. She enjoys painting, poetry, music, nature, good food and learning .In a parallel universe Rebekah would be a philanthropist, spending her life (and parallel universe money) supporting causes and changing the world!

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