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What every woman should know about her body and cycle

As a female health and hormone specialist I believe that one of the biggest challenges women face is finding the right information when it comes to nutrition and fitness.

This mostly derives from the fact that almost all studies (in the field of diet, fitness and overall health) are done on men or women that are not or no longer in their reproductive years.

Meaning that basically all diets and fitness methods that are being promoted by health professionals and the mainstream media are actually made for men even if they are promoted as 'fitness + diet program for women'.

We haven't even discussed diet culture, 'what to eat in a day videos' and fit-influencers sharing advice yet!

In this age of information overload, I believe it is crucial to get a basic understanding on how your (female) body works so that you are capable of identifying which advice will be beneficial your health and which will disrupt your hormones and decrease your wellbeing.

This brings me to the podcast that has been uploaded on our platform yesterday.

An episode in which Elise (co-founder of Femina & C0) has a chat with Dr. Lara Briden (one of our health professionals).

Dr. Briden is a female health expert and Naturopath. In my perspective Dr Briden plays a leading role in bringing more awareness to the importance of female health.

In her book 'The period Repair Manual', Dr Briden discusses how to "read" your menstruation and cycle as a monthly report card and use it to figure out the underlying health issues.

She explains how PMS and other period related issues are common but NOT normal and avoidable.

She preaches that pain, mood swings, cravings and cramps all can be prevented if we provide our body with what it needs so that it is able to deal with hormonal changes without us noticing.

She starts off by expelling how your body works and what it needs to keep working properly. She then dives into possible disruptions, imbalances or illnesses.

Each chapter discusses one hormone related symptom, providing the possible cause as well as a natural treating method.

Think of: cramps, mood swings, cravings, low energy, pcos, pmdd, ect.

What I love most about this book is that it provides clarity instead of adding more buzz to your radar.

She focuses solely on natural ways to help your body regain it's balance, strength and health.

Possible treatments include diet, lifestyle changes or supplements (vitamins, mineral, fats and herbs).

Both in her book and podcast Dr Briden shares revolutionary views on popular diets and their effect on the female body, health and reproductive system.

All in order to help you gain a better understanding on what your body needs and how you can provide it.

In my opinion it is everyone's (men and women) duty to gain a better understanding of the female body, how it works and what you can do to provide it with what it needs.

So that in the future we can avoid disrupting and depleting our bodies before starting to do research or seeking help from a well educated professional and start off by taking care of our bodies the way that is needed.


Written by Evi Maalcke

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