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Wake Up Women - Essential oils and conscious consuming (Louise von Sperl)

Louise suffered an autoimmune condition as a teenager and young adult, in and out of hospital leaving her feeling deflated and disempowered. She discovered Homeopathy during her time in Germany at age 36.

From this, an abundance of doors opened for louise, from studying Qigong to surrounding her life with essential oils and natural remedies. Louise has a great passion for spreading the word of her mission which is to “empower women and families back to health. To guide them in a way that is cost effective and beneficial to the body. Conscious consumption has become a big part of today's society, I am so thrilled to see young womxn looking deeper into who they are”

In the words of Louise,

"We are here on the planet to have a purposeful experience and to be able to serve our families, our community. The purpose of the physical body is to keep itself ‘alive’ but if it struggles with compounding negative effects from poisons, negative thoughts and a constant feeling of struggling the joy can be hard to find."

Wake up women - a pretty bold statement, but it does get attention so womxn can take a deeper look into their beautiful selves.

In this episode, Louise tells Elise her life story explains the importance of conscious consumption and shares the magics of essential oils!

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