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To all the cat-callers in every town, park or public place.

NL: lees Nederlands hier 

Today I decided to go for my first run since the lockdown and I had the opportunity to enjoy the sun on my skin, the blossoms on the trees; but I especially enjoyed the whistling and calling that came my way from all angles on the street.

And I haven't even mentioned the motivational spells that were shouted at me every 100 meters, yet...

I must say that this level of unsolicited support was completely unknown to me, but it certainly contributed to the quality of my training.

After some chatting around, I found out that my friends have also experienced this increase in unsolicited motivation. We therefore call on everyone to become aware of this change and to contribute in a positive way. Because only together can we maintain this.

We understand that it is sometimes difficult and that is why we have drawn up a manual.

The following tips are for anyone who does not feel like running but would still like to support the sports enthusiasts.

For starters, you can verbally encourage them.

(Note the following quotes are not mine, all credits to the rightful creators).

"Come on baby: faster, faster"

"If you are tired you can have rest on my lap"

“Hey pssst girl. Pssst. Do you run here more often? ”

"Hey shall we run around the block together?"

"Mmm those legs can run to my house."

"Oh la la let that nice ass shake"

"Don't give up baby, you're so good."

"You can be under me like that."

(Dm for more inspiration)

I honestly can't imagine how I could have sustained my 10km without this support.

Personally, I liked it when people spontaneously came running, cycling or riding (with the scooter) next to me to ask face to face if I like to be pulled on my beautiful ponytail.

If you are too lazy to open your mouth, you can still honk or stare extensively. (This works especially well if you're in a group and don't want to interrupt the conversation)

In short: if we all put in a little effort, we can make every effort to ensure that runners in Corona time not only improve their fitness, but also broaden their minds and boost their self-esteem at the same time.

Thank you in advance for your commitment and cooperation.


Evi and all sports enthusiasts in your vicinity.

Ps. If you've read by bio you'll see that I'm either honest or sarcastic. In this publication I'm obviously the latter.

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