This herb cured my chronic bloating (incl photo's!)

Two years I had been constantly bloated. Even on an high fiber- and healthy diet, even after a lymphatic drainage, even after a workout. Along side the bloating I had the-worst-cramps it felt as if I was being stabbed with a knife and that knife was being turned around in the left side of my lower belly.

I want to make clear that this is my personal journey, I'm not a doctor nor scientist and my story might not at all be relatable to yours.

I just want to share my experience and tell you how amazingly helpful this small herb has been for my personal wellbeing.

This herb cured my chronic bloating
Me pre bloating

Having said that; let's get to business!

<- This was my body pre-bloating

It all started when one day I started to feel extremely painful cramps in my lower belly.

The cramps felt like I was being stabbed with a knife. I was shaking over my whole body, my belly looked as if I was 8 months pregnant and it impossible for me to walk. After 3-4 days the symptoms slowly disappeared and I thought everything would go back to 'normal' again.

But nothing could have been further from the truth...

This herb cured my chronic bloating
During an average bloated day

<- And this is me bloated.

But it wasn't just the boating.

It was the constant pain the cramps, the tiredness the fuzzy mind and the muscles cramps and the lack of sleep because of it that made it impossible for me to live the life I wanted.


In the beginning my bloating was mostly triggered by eating certain foods like dairy and wheat so I restricted myself from eating both.

This helped for a couple of days but 'certain' foods soon became all foods. And shortly after that I was constantly bloated without a 'reason'.

A broad variety of doctors gave me countless diagnoses, such as: Crohn's disease, chronic inflammation, post-inflammation food intolerance, IBS, candida and many more.

But none of those really fitted my symptoms and the remedies/diets to treat them didn't work either...

I honestly thought that I was going to stay bloated till the end of days.

Till I went to Bali and my bloating miraculously disappeared.

This herb cured my chronic bloating
When the bloating was suddenly gone

My non-bloated belly in bali.

However Bali wasn't all fun and games.

After a two months stay it felt as if I had more pain in my lower abdomen than I had ever experienced.

I had a fever, I was trembling over my whole body. It was during that time I decided to fly back and see my doctor.

This herb cured my chronic bloating
First day back home

The first morning back home my belly was suddenly bloated and painful again.

The bloating increased during the day till it was similar to that in photo 2.

My doctor thought I suffered from a chronic appendicitis and suggested surgery.

Meanwhile a friend of mine had tried a gut cleanse (they flush your entire gut with water to remove all toxins) and was extremely positive about it.

However to me that sounded like the most uncomfortable thing you could ever do.


So I decided to search for a natural detox herb.

An alternative health specialist advised me Sanna pods so I gave it a try.

And I don't usually use this kind of language but O-M-G IT WORKED!

The cramps and pains disappeared within 20 minute and the bloating reduced to a minimal.

Within an hour I could feel water running through my gut and when I put pressure on my lower belly it sounded as if I was shaking a water bottle (I have family who'll testify this is actually true ;) )

The next day the pain was gone, so was the bloating and so was the water.

I had already made an appointment with my doctor to discuss the treatment for my chronic appendicitis, so I went.

I told him about what happened and he told be: 'yes those things (he meant the water in my gut) can happen when your gut is very busy cleaning and recovering itself. '

So I knew enough. I didn't do the surgery, the bloating nor the cramps, nor the knife stabs ever returned and I still have my appendix.

Eventually I'll never know what really caused it and even though that's a shame I'm very very happy to say that I did find a remedy.

About Sanna pods

Senna is an FDA-approved nonprescription laxative. It is used to to clear the bowel before diagnostic tests.

Senna is also used for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), hemorrhoids, and weight loss.

Senna fruit seems to be gentler than senna leaf.

I have used one tea spoon (o.75grams) of sanna pods powder, mixed it with water and drank it as tea.

Senne peulen tegen bloating en opgeblazen buik

Senne peulen tegen bloating en opgeblazen buik

Before I wrap up this post I want to be clear about one thing: a certain degree of bloating is normal.

It is human that your belly expands forward after a meal, it is normal that experience some bloating before or during your period.

So don't feel ashamed about that. We can't be picture perfect all the time, no one is.

However if you're experiencing serious issues with bloating/cramps or other pains I encourage you to find a cure/ remedy that gives you the relief you seek.

Make sure you consult a professional before making changes to your diet and supplement use.

I honestly hope that this post helped you out a little. I wish you all the best. Goodluck.