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'The Naked Truth about Perimenopause' (Susanne Mitchell)

This week on #thefeminapodcast Elise speaks with author Susanne Mitchell about her newly released book ‘The Naked Truth about Perimenopause’. The two chat about the controversies and misconceptions behind menopausal treatments, Susanne tells of her own experiences with perimenopause! We are also very fortunate to hear what lies within the pages of this awesome book!

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Questions featured:

1. Tell us a little about your newly released book, “The naked truth about perimenopause” and how your journey to writing this exposé on menopause started?

2. Let's talk about the controversy of HRT or hormone replacement therapy...

3. In ;The Naked Truth about Perimenopause' you touched on the topic of womxn being dismissed in the medical world and therefore not being treated properly. Researching for this book and gathering perspectives and studies, did you experience any similar treatment?

4. What advice can you give womxn who are entering perimenopause, aware or unaware?

5. What’s next for you in the world of writing?

6. What advice can you give your younger self?


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