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The lies I'm running from

My name is Caitlyn Frances Ryan, most people call me Caity and I’m 23 yrs old.

At the moment the three things I am trying to focus on the most are, investing into my relationships with friends and family, my physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health, and lastly my Nutritional Medicine degree.

One of the things I hold dearest to me is the people in my life who speak truth, bring wisdom and can share my crazy ideas with.

Dear Diary,

I struggle with the lies that I tell myself…

I mean it feels like I’m telling myself, but they seem to just pop up whenever they feel like it.

It feels like they hold me back.

They want to keep me in the dark.

They don’t want to see me happy.

They don’t want to see me grow.

They want me to be comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time.

They want to keep me small.

They want to keep my words unheard.

They want me to believe I am powerless.

They want to dim my light that shines brighter than day.

They disguise themselves as truth.

They disguise themselves as familiar voices, so I don’t even notice they are there.

They are lies, that is what they are.

They hide the truth.

They want to stop me from taking the next step forward.

They try to make me believe my dreams are only dreams.

They tell me the desires of my heart are unreachable.

But each day what they are become clearer to me.

When they try and remind me that they have power, I’ll remind myself that they are small and insignificant.

I’ll remind myself that my voice is heard and what I have to say is powerful.

Even though I feel weird and maybe crazy,

I know it’s not a lie that other people experience these lies…

Especially the ones that tell them they are not good enough.

So Dear Diary.

Today, I am going to shut down these lies and I will try my best to do so in the days to come.

They will never stop running after me,

but here's’ the truth.

They are just lies and that’s all they’ll ever be.


Written by beautiful Caitlyn (Caity) Ryan.

IG: @caityryan_

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