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The Importance of purpose, the stigma of religion and Generation Z

With guest Ryan Smith,  musician, educator and pastor. After studying Jazz for two years, being ordained a creative minister, serving as music director at C3 Church in Sydney and collaborating on 30 gospel album releases, Ryan was made Head of Creative Arts at C3 Church.

His passion these days is to make music that is reflective and contemplative, that slows people down on the inside and brings peace and healing to an overcrowded world struggling with fear, pressure and doubt.

Todays podcast episode with Elise and guest Ryan Smith talks about spirituality, the stigma of religion, the Zoomers generation (1995-2005) and understanding of spiritual fluidity.

This episode mentions conversations about finding your own spiritual path in life, the importance of purpose and the generational presence or lack of in Christian churches. Asking and challenging the WHY’S and WHY NOT. Listen to this episode to question IT all with us!

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