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Surrendering yourself to nature (Steffi De Bie)

Steffi is a Nature-based Expressive Arts Therapist / Mentor / Creatrix.
Her vision is of a world where people are connected to their emotions and are fully present in their body and in the moment. This pursuit grew after being called out of the hustle and bustle of a successful but hectic, fast-paced corporate life. With the loss of that identity, she began her journey inward, reconnecting with her inner strength and guidance.

Elise had the pleasure of experiencing a therapy session with Steffi, relearning how to slow down and find comfort in the raw and natural environment. This episode is their post-session conversation!

Find the link to Steffi's online vision circle, commencing Tuesday the 9th, here

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Questions featured:

1. What led you to pursue conducting alternative therapies? What prior experiences led you to venture on this spiritual journey? 2. During your sessions, what role does the environment play such as the location we experienced yesterday? 3. Conventional therapy often dismisses alternative ways to express emotional and spiritual healing through things such as art. Yesterday I experienced forms of art in our session, what importance does art take in healing and therapy? 4. You also introduced experiential astrology in our session yesterday, how does your work with archetypes link to ancestral healing and clearing? 5. Let’s talk about inner vs outer authority, harvesting control of your future… 6. What’s your perspective on the importance of building a daily practice to find your centre and inner strength & guidance? 7. If you could tell your most vulnerable version of yourself one thing what would it be?


To read more about Steffi De Bie and what her practice can offer you click here!

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