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Perception of beauty: the photography and model industry with guest Sophie Kietzman

Elise and guest Sophie Kietzman, discuss the world of photography and the (role) modelling industry, how to find your own unique style, societies perception of beauty and breaking the boundaries of 'aesthetics'.

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A snippet into Sophie's work (photo credits down below)

Image credits:

01: Jeyza (Wespeak NY) for Glamour UK Feb 2020, Styling by Haile Lidow (Lidow Archives).

02: Nicole (Wespeak NY), BK 2019

03: Alex, BK 2020 04: Chiara (Wespeak NY), BK 2019 06: Jesi and Io (Wespeak NY), BK 2020


Sophie Kietzman

Hi, I’m Sophie and I’m a photographer. I moved to NYC from my hometown, Berlin, about 2.5 years ago to chase my dreams and my creative vision. Along that path I found myself, came out as queer, established my voice and low-key found my dream to photograph as many people of the LGBTQIA+ community as possible. I graduated university with a loaded tool belt of conceptual skills but my bigger WHY I do what I do is something that fell into place all on it’s own. I want to show people the beauty I see in them and share what I see with the world. Photo by Eliot Oppenheimer, BK 2020

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