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Not so perfect - personal experiences in the modelling world

Evi & Elise share their personal experiences, vulnerable moments and deepest opinions on the modelling world/fashion industry. TW: this episode includes discussion of ED's, depression and anxiety.

If you are interested in modelling this episode may be of interest to you! We talk about what it's like to be with and without and agency, how to find one, the not so pretty side of modelling and our own perspectives on sample sizing, size categorising and unrealistic expectations. This is in no way to turn you away from pursuing a career in the industry. We want to provide a real and unromanticised view on our years in this world. We hope you enjoy!

TW: the images in this collection may be disturbing to some of our audiences. Discussion of unhealthy food habits and ED exist within this post.

This is an incredibly daunting and personal post for both Evi and I (Elise). As women who were introduced into the modelling world/fashion industry at very young ages we feel responsible in spreading awareness of the confronting truth about the life of a young easily influenced female model.

Pictures in this collection is Evi (left) and myself (right).

This photo shows Evi (left) in 2018 at 52 kg with a BMI of 15.9 (severely underweight). At the time Evi did not have a period. Her agents still pushed her to lose weight due to her top half being “too big”.

Pictured to the right is me (Elise), age 16 in 2016. At the time I was a healthy weight and a muscly dancer however, in a very impressionable state. The photo is from a shoot I did for a makeup and hair school.

After receiving the photos from this job that I was shockingly underpaid for I was disgusted and upset to see that these photos of me were unrecognisable. My arms and waist had decreased in size, my breasts enlarged, my nose was made smaller and lips made plumper. I distinctly remember this shoot being the pinnacle cause for a lot of my insecurities and unhealthy relationship with food.

Pictured in the second photo is Evi (left), in 2019 at a happy and healthy weight and state of mind.

“I felt f*ckling empowered”.

Pictured to the right is myself (Elise), in March 2020 at a comfortable, confident weight, muscular and curvy. There is no body modification editing present on the photos from this shoot and I felt incredibly empowered in that suit showing off my bad b*tch smolder!

Growing up as female already has its challenges, modelling definitely added its own interesting perks and obstacles to navigate. Despite our exposing experiences, we are grateful for the truths we’ve learnt and the empowerment we have gained. I hope through this podcast we can spread awareness of the pressures put on young models and toxic environments they are placed in.

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