How Cum I can't? W/ Remy Kassimir (How Cum Podcast)

In this Episode, Elise talks to comedian HOW CUM podcast host, Remy Kassimir!

Elise's self pleasure journey started with HOW CUM! Listen to today's podcast to hear all about HOW CUM and how Remy went from no to the Big O, toys and challenges along the way and let’s not forget the people who came (😏) along with!

Disclaimer: Sexual activity, pornography, explicit language.


Tell us your How Cum origin story

Can you compare your view on female pleasure from before you started HOW CUM to now?

You had your first big O using the womanizer and celebrated in season 1 episode 6 of your podcast. How has your orgasm journey been since then and what’s your latest favourite toy?

The diversity in people you’ve had appear on the show is just phenomenal, different ages, careers, sexualities, genders, lifestyles! For our listeners to really get an idea about how diverse your guests have been what are some really memorable guests you’ve had on the show?

which episode has had the greatest impact in addressing the pleasure gap between men and woman?

Questions from listeners:

what role do you think foreplay plays in relation to the pleasure gap?

What advice would you give men who want to contribute to closing the gap?

What’s your opinion on porn and the expectations it places on sex?

What advice would you give little remi?

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