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In this time of fear & anxiety around getting sick, it is extra important to take positive steps to build your resistance & immunity. As the majority of our immune cells are located in our gut, they are the first line of defence against toxins & harmful microorganisms.

Around 95% of the serotonin in our system (responsible for mood and overall feelings of wellbeing) is also located in our gut. As a result, the health of our gut is now known to be the foundation on which our overall health & wellbeing is built, including our mental health.

An effective digestive system which balances good VS bad bacteria and efficiently processes the components of our diet is the primary source of the nutrients essential for maintaining youthful, healthy skin. When the necessary nutrients are released in the right proportions our skin will not only look healthy & youthful but it will also be able to play its vital ‘barrier’ role more effectively.

Multiple studies published in the ‘Journal of Dermatology’ have linked gastrointestinal symptoms like constipation, bloating, bad breath and acid reflux to the development of skin issues like dermatitis, acne and rosacea. One study showed 54% of acne patients suffered from bacteria overgrowth in their small intestine which is 10x higher than the average population. Acne patients have higher levels of systemic inflammation than individuals with healthy skin…and gut issues are a major factor in inflammation.

5 key pillars towards a healthier gut:

1. Settling and soothing irritation or inflammation.

2. Balancing the good and bad bacteria (probiotics).

3. An environment suitable for the good bacteria to thrive (prebiotics).

4. An adequate supply of digestive enzymes.

5. Antioxidant rich diet for protection against disease.

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Written by Tristan Fahey, Rubifresh.

Owner & Founder of Rubifresh Skincare.

Rubifresh is an young Australian skincare brand with a vision and a mission we love.

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