Growing into myself: as a mixed race female in the performing arts industry.

An insight into my journey as a young, mixed-race female pursuing my passion in the performing arts industry. The growth I have experienced through surrounding myself with like-minded people, immersing myself in the ‘culture’ of dance and training to the maximum has shaped all aspects of my life. Learning to accept and acknowledge vulnerabilities within my dancing and personal life has pushed me to discover new avenues to develop myself, which I am excited to share with you all!

The hardest challenge I have ever had to overcome is learning to navigate the world through my own lens. The most challenging part is that I still can’t place a destination of ‘overcoming’ this, I am constantly learning and growing; hence prolonging the process. Which I don’t mind. I always noticed that the people who inspired me most were those who knew their own artistry, they owned their style and were comfortable in who they are.