Full interview - Tim & PJ from Netflix' Extreme Engagement

In their selfmade Netflix original documentary series: Extreme Engagement, Tim Noonan and PJ madam travel the world together to experience life while living with the most remote tribes.

In this interview they share with us the highs and lows of their adventure, what kept them going, what they have learned and what they wish they had known beforehand.

In short

This is a must-listen interview that will blow your mind and inspire you to follow your heart, even when that takes you to the most remote places across the globe.

Background information

My co-podcast host Jarno and I (Evi) were blown away by the challenges they've overcome and the risks they've taken during their journey and before.

I must require such an incredible dedication and bravery to set aside your dream job, house and future career to travel the world. With nothing but each other and a camera.

The quality of the documentary is mind blowing, especially when taking into account the fact that they had to navigate between getting 'the perfect shot' and actually experiencing they adventure the way it was.

I could tell you so much more about this incredibly brave and honest couple; but you'd better listen to what they have to say.

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PJ Madam

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Interview hosted by

Jarno Hensen

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Evi Maalcke

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