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Exercising for a longer and happier life

Exercise. Hmmm. What good can it really do? You have to get out of bed for it. Is it really that worth it?

Regular exercise and physical activity promote many benefits for the body. For each system of the body, exercise has benefits.

  • Musculoskeletal: Stronger bones and muscles, coordination and balance.

  • Respiratory: Increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the body and contributes to the elimination of carbon dioxide.

  • Cardiovascular and lymphatic: Boosts lymph flow, promoting a healthy immune system, which is crucial for fighting infections.

  • Digestive: Contributes to proper functioning of the digestive system and aids the elimination of waste.

The systems of the human body are all connected. Benefits for one creates a domino effect for the others.

Mental health, eating and sleep benefits:

Staying active even when it’s just 30 minutes a day has upsides towards mental health, eating habits and sleep. Fitness is very important in terms of mental health as it releases chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin that improve your mood and stress levels.

Research has also seen exercise reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. After exercising, the mind and body is positively influenced by chemicals released through the body to make positive decisions about eating and sleep.

Food choices become beneficial for the body and sleep is required as a recovery time. Regular physical fitness and its profound importance have great benefits for the body and positive influences towards choices and the people around you, creating a safer and happier environment for everyone.

What you can take away from this:

Exercising for a longer and happier life

Everyone exercises differently. Some prefer 2 hours alone with a room full of weights others enjoy a group walk with their closest friends. Finding out your preferred way of exercising may take some trial and error, but trust me when I say, spending at least 30 minutes a day to move the body will kickstart a drive in you that will change the attitude of the little voice in your head.

Encourage happy and healthier thoughts, decisions, behaviours. Inspiring you for a long and fulfilling life.


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Written by Elise van Mierlo,

Certified Personal Trainer.

Co-curator of Femina & Co.

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