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Breaking sex worker stereotypes (Seraph)

TW: This episode includes conversation about sexual activity, sexual assault and underage experience in the sex industry.

Femina&Co does not condone underage sex work. We would like to highlight to any underage listeners, interested in working in the adult entertainment industry that sex work off and online underage is both illegal and detrimental to your person. Please refrain until you are at an appropriate and legal age.

In this episode, Elise speaks to special guest Seraph about her career as a full service sex worker! Listen to this episode for an eye opening and refreshing conversation about normalising and encouraging healthy discussion about sex work and the adult entertainment industry. Seraph is passionate about breaking sex worker stereotypes and spreading awareness through her authentic and honest nature.

We have uploaded a 18+ version of this episode on our patreon. LINK HERE.


When did your journey into sex work start?

What was your view on the adult entertainment industry before entering it?

What does a workday look like for you?

What does your work environment look like? Co-workers, facilities etc.

What safety measures are present in your workplace? Physically, sexually and mentally


Sex workers are controlled by a pimp

All sex workers have STDs

Sex workers are only female

People who visit sex workers are perverted have kinks and are cheating on their partners.

Questions from listeners:

How does a sex worker get paid?

Does pricing yourself make you feel undervalued in any way because you don’t want to price yourself too low or too high?

Have you ever been videotaped? If so, what did you do about it?

What did you think was going to be the most challenging thing about the job and what turned out to be the hardest?

How has working in a brothel changed your views on your own sexual pleasure?

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