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Advice from a Sex Therapist (Monica Cook)

TW: This episode includes conversation about sexual related activities.

Monica Cook is a Sex therapist, passionate about providing honest, clear and current information to foster sexual and reproductive wellness for individuals and couples of all ages, including those from a multicultural or diverse faith background.

Elise talks to Monica about the relation between sex and psychology, what people can do in their relationships to better their dynamics and life under the covers, the world of the female orgasm and why going to a sex therapist is NORMAL and encouraged! They also play an informative game of truth or myth! This is a fantastic episode to start of our theme into ‘Sexual Health’. If you are looking for professional advice on how to better your intimate life give this episode a listen!

Mentioned in episode:


What led you to pursue a career focusing on sex therapy? What is the link between sex and the brain and why is sexual health an important part of health and wellness? Women who can reliably orgasm through penetrative sex make up 25% of women... let's talk about that. Education has a large role in creating sex positive environments, however, lacks in areas that are vital for growing youth. Such as, consent, foreplay, pleasure, sexuality and forming relationships, kinks, sex work, porn and its link to unrealistic expectations and abuse. What is your opinion on sex education in schools? What advice can you give those who are intimidated by the thought of visiting sexual health therapy? Sex myth or truth

- Women can only orgasm vaginally

- Good sex is always spontaneous, noisy and has to end in orgasm for both parties

- There are more than 3 sexual identities besides straight, gay and bi.

- Girls don’t masturbate

- Blue balls are a real medical conditions

- Celibacy means you’re a prude

- Virginity is a social construct

- Men have a higher sex drive

- Women are harder to turn on

- Foreplay only needs to last 5 minute

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