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7 steps for a healthy skin when quarantined (by skin expert and skincare brand founder)

Keeping your skin perfect when the circumstances aren't is harddd.

In this article skin expert, author and founder of a young and inspiring Australian skin care brand.

She breaks down the 7 key thoughts and steps you need to keep in mind when improving your skin.


The skin’s natural pH is around 5-5.5 – slightly acidic – forming an ‘acid mantle’ which allows the survival of ‘good bacteria’ on the surface of the skin, protecting it from pathogens.

For this reason, if we use harsh soaps and cleansers (many of which are strongly alkali), we not only dehydrate the skin, but we also strip away the acidic protection and open the skin up to nasties which can cause irritation and damage. Always choose skincare products that are pH balanced to maintain this protection. (All Rubifresh products have been created according to this principle).


One of the functions of the skin is the excretion of toxins. It is our largest organ – with a total surface area of about 1.8m2 in an adult. Unhealthy diets, lack of exercise and poor skincare routines can all play a part in clogging the skin and reducing its ability to eliminate toxins. Keeping our skin clean and healthy assists this process, and the best way to do this is to regularly cleanse (preferably with oil – see our previous blog post on oil cleansing). Rubifresh Cleansing Oil is a combination of oils that cleanse and draw dirt out of the skin, and oils that nourish.


The skin naturally regenerates itself to maintain a fresh, healthy outer surface, and bright complexion. When we are young, the skin renews itself every 2-4 weeks, shedding dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. As we age, this process slows, so that in our 40s and 50s it can take more like 60days. This is partly why older skin tends to look duller and less ‘fresh’. So our skin needs some help, and exfoliating using a gentle scrub is how we remove these dead skin cells, allowing the bodies own anti-aging processes to do their work. Beware of harsh granules and too much scrubbing. Use a gentle (preferably natural) scrub every 2-3 days. The Rubifresh range includes both a men’s and a women’s Daily Face Scrub, both of which are created on a moisturising base to minimise dryness, and contain natural exfoliating granules which are gentle to the skin.


Today there are some really effective, well-researched natural active ingredients that can nourish, moisturise, hydrate, smooth, lighten the skin and so much more. We know through scientific evidence that many of the chemicals we have traditionally used on our skin can cause serious harm – many of them have now been associated with various forms of skin irritation or cancer. Most natural ingredients which have been approved for use in skincare will not only avoid these potential risks, but will nourish your skin and help it to build it’s own anti-aging defenses. It’s not unlike how we manage our diets. How amazing, if we can help the skin maintain it’s own youthfulness! Look for natural products which contain some good oils (such as avocado, macadamia, camellia, jojoba etc) and active ingredients. Rubifresh uses natural actives that are documented to smooth fine lines, super-hydrate, depuff and lighten the skin. Look for these active ingredients across our range.


While gels and serums are important for penetration of active ingredients, cream based products (lotions, creams, moisturisers) are important for keeping the good stuff in. A cream will form a barrier to prevent moisture loss, and along with this, will help the skin perform it’s other function of controlling the loss of salts, hormones and other precious nutrients. Choose a natural moisturiser with the consistency/richness that is right for your skin. Some prefer a richer texture, others a lighter consistency. The Rubifresh range includes a men’s and a women’s natural moisturiser, lighter in texture (though a rich night cream is coming!), with anti-aging ingredients that have been documented to smooth fine lines and super-hydrate dry skin.


Many chemical or synthetic cosmetic ingredients are now well documented for their association and risk of skin irritation, damage and cancer. We can no longer ignore such evidence, especially when it is not necessarily the most effective route to youthfulness and skin health anyway. Testimonials spontaneously received from Rubifresh customers demonstrate a wide variety of skin benefits, almost immediately. Some of these include better skin tone, more even skin colour, absence of dryness, reduced fine lines, and the ‘healing’ of ecsema and other skin irritations. There is proof! Natural is better for your skin, better for your overall heath, and better for the planet!


Despite all-natural ingredients, and well formulated quality products, some skincare will not feel right for your skin. You need to test and trial products to see how YOUR skin reacts, and choose what’s right for you.


The article is written by

Tristan Fahey

Author of the book 'Living well and aging gracefully'

Skin care expert

The founder and owner of Rubifresh Australia.

Site: www.

IG: @rubifresh

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