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maddy MOOn

Madelyn is a soul igniter and devoted teacher.


Her podcast 'Mind Body Musings' is ranked in the top 50 of all self-help iTunes podcasts.

Her mission is to help women and men unify all parts of themselves including feminine and masculine, Light and Dark, Introvert and Extrovert, and finally, Flow and Go.


"My name is Madelyn and my quest is to teach humans how to integrate all sides of themselves. The dark and light, the feminine and masculine, the introvert and extrovert and every other polarity that exists to create your specific flavor of human."

in her words

"In order to feel really authentic in your body, voice, purpose and entire being you must first spend time getting to know yourself.

Sometimes this means coming face-to-face with your shadow side and unraveling some of the things about yourself you’ve pushed aside.

Sometimes this means owning up to the fact that life isn’t always bright and happy…sometimes we feel pain or sadness and that’s perfectly fine.

Many times, it means SPEAKING UP and owning your truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be."



for six+ years, ranking in the Top-50 of ALL TIME in the U.S. and Great Britain in Self Improvement.

The podcast for divine feminine and masculine embodiment.


The path to more harmony between your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine isn’t about doing more, learning more or taking more courses but rather to pause and simply be. 


You were created to handle the trials that come with your calling.

Your soul chose your name, purpose, family and body before you were even born.

It knew what was coming and it said…game on.


While the shedding of a skin may be a deep process, there is no need to make it so serious.

Madelyn believes humor is one of the highest levels of spirituality and is committed to revealing how spirituality can be rich with pleasure, play, sensuality, intimacy and innate freedom.

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