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Dr. Kirstin Barchia
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Kirstin is a Clinical Psychologist with 20 years of counselling experience with children, teenagers, adults, and parents. She is also a researcher and presenter.


When not working, Kirstin is a mother and loves surfing and cake decorating.

Kirstin opened Northern Beaches Psychology Pty Ltd, a private practice providing psychological therapy to children, teenagers, adults and parents, in 2011.


Kirstin has always had a heart for supporting teenagers. During her years working with teenagers and their families it became apparent that there is little support for parents who have teenagers experiencing emotional or behavioural difficulties

What makes her special

Time, cost, and logistics are common barriers to parents receiving helpful support. For this reason, Kirstin has recently developed an online program for parents of teenagers to help them manage teenage emotions and withdrawal and build more calm and connected households.  

Kirstin also has extensive experience in academic research which informs her clinical work. She has worked on research projects with thousands of children and adolescents examining school bullying, peer relationships, resilience, lying and delinquent behaviour.

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Kirstin completed her PhD in 2008.

  • Her doctorate investigated peer aggression and bullying in high schools and involved 1200 Australian high school students.

  • Her research has been published in peer reviewed academic journals.

  • She completed her Masters of Clinical Psychology in 2008.

  •  Completed her Bachelor of Psychology with first class honours in 2000.

  • Her honours dissertation examined factors which influence children’s lying and truth telling.


Care and understanding build connection and calm.


Kirstin bases her approach on research on calming emotions, relationships, brain development, neuroplasticity (brain change), and resilience. 

Fun facts

Kirstin loves everything ocean. One of her favourite memories is surfing on the mid north coast of NSW Australia and seeing a turtle under her.

"I jumped off the board and swam with the turtle and then jumped back on the board to catch a long wave all the way to shore".

For free access to one of Kirstin’s online workshops for parents about How to Build Calm and Connection in a household with teenagers visit 
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