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Meet Evi - Co Founder

Like any woman, I have gone to great lengths to find ways to optimize my health and wellness.

But my quest got more serious when life handed me my share of physical and mental illness in 2018.


And soon discovered that my definition of healthy is different from that of the doctors I saw: they defined healthy as not (diagnosed) 'sick'.

Some of the illnesses I suffered from were easy to diagnose: like the tumor in my breast. But for a large number of symptoms doctors failed to find a suiting diagnose. 

Which is why I took a deep dive in all kinds of ways to heal naturally.  But it wasn't all fun and games from there; it was hard, exhausting and lonely. 

To me healthy is more than an average result on your blood test. It is feeling fit, strong and comfortable in your own body and life. 

In this ara of information overload it impossible to distinguish which knowledge and advice will help you and which won't. Which is why at FEMINA we combine personal experience with science proved methods. 


FEMINA was created as the environment I needed when I was younger. (and still do ;) ) 

  • I've moved more times than I can keep track of. 

  • I practised horse riding even before I could walk. 

  • My high kick once hit a pro kick boxer in the face. 

  • I don't wear make up, like never ever. 

  • All my role models are people I actually know. 

  • I once was the subject of a documentary, but then the tumor in my breast cured and the producer didn't want to continue filming it any more. 

  • I don't sing in the shower, I dance. 

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