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Emily henderson
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Emily Henderson is an intimacy coach — guiding you to live life passionately by embodying your sensuality. 

After 20 years of professional dance she decided to study yoga and meditation in India where her eyes were opened to a new way of approaching her body and self. 

"I realised that the incorporation of spirituality within a relationship is not only possible, it has created the most intimate and profound connections I have ever experienced."


"I am here today because I want to share these practices and techniques with you. 

You are a powerful, primal being who deserves to be unapologetically you."


Emily's mission is to guide you towards your vision of your most intimate, passionate and fulfilling life.


" It was breathtaking to realize that, as womxn, we do not have to compete or judge one another; when given the space, we can work together, in community, to better ourselves and each other. "




  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, College Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati

  • World Coaching Institute, Certified Professional Coach 

  • Padma Karma Yoga, 200 Yoga Teacher Training 

  • Ecstatic Hearts Tantra, Cobra Breath Level 1 Training


Your time with Emily will focus on deepening your relationship with self through: 

  • Body Compassion (know, respect, and love)

  • Exploration of Personal Desires

  • Voice + Identity Empowerment 

  • Clarity of Personal Vision 

  • Sexual Expression

  • Self-Love and Self-Pleasure Rituals 

  • Embodied Self Expression

  • Intuition Building 


Emily's goal is to liberate womxn from the shame we feel around our power and our sexuality. Together you will push aside external perceptions and obstacles in order for you to become the embodiment of your true Self.

Each journey is unique, which is what inspires her most.

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