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Meet Elise - Co Founder

Born in the Netherlands, brought up in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. I grew up always questioning why things were and wondering if all things were meant be.


As one grows into their body and young mind, a teenage girl is subjected to far more than she can process. This was the case for myself and all my girlfriends around me. There were moments when societies expectations and directions were far too large for a 14-year-old girl to chew. 


The youth of the 21st century have grown up in a world that is almost unrecognisable to those of earlier generations.

My mission in life, like many, is to be strong, healthy, uplifting, unapologetically real and wise. 

Entering my 20's, I am experiencing, uncovering and realising aspects of the world that I was never subjected to whilst growing up.

Femina is my 'Themyscira', an island of strength and truth. 

It's what I wish my younger self to know. 


In a few words, Femina & Co is refreshing, honest and kind. She is strong and knows her worth, she is real, relatable and reliable. 

In a current world where hate is a trend, Femina is an island of safety and support. 

Why Femina?

'Femina'; female in Italian.

The befitting or characteristic of a person who shows womanly virtues of gentleness and compassion.

Why & Co?

'And company' is an important part of our brand. It represents the inclusion of our amazing non-binary, womxn and LGBTQIA+ communities. Without our union we wouldn't radiate the strength we have and continue to grow. Together we are collective and one.


fun facts:
  • Most people don't know that I am 100% Dutch because I grew up in Australia. I have a very strong Aussie accent.

  • I've been dancing since I was 3 years old.

  • I was training to be a professional ballerina until I was 16. 

  • I'm nearly 185cm tall. The best thing about being tall is the view I get at concerts. 

  • I've been working in the modelling industry since I was 14. 

  • I'm a personal trainer and very passionate about healthy living and empowerment.

  • I have experienced more "no's" from the modelling industry than in any other part of my life.

  • This hasn't stopped me from still trying.

  • I am motivated to spike change in the industry and help lead a revolution of inclusion and normalised beauty. 

  • I moved to Amsterdam by myself at age 18 to pursue my career in modelling.

  • I was a High School Musical fanatic when I was younger. Still waiting for my Sharpay moment.



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